Copper State Specialties is a distributor and custom filler of Pulsarlube® Single Point Lubricators. We will stock and fill any type of lubricant you want in these lubricators. Copper State Specialties sells both disposable Single Point Lubricators and base units with refills. CSS will guarantee every unit which we ship because we both fill and test all of our units.
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Current Stock Grease List:
Mobil XHP 222
Mobil SHC 221
Mobil SHC 220

Mobil SHC PM
Mobil Polyrex EM
Mobil FM 222 (Food Grade)
76 Multiplex Red NLGI #2
76 Red Tac Grease NLGI #2
Conoco Super STA NLGI #2
Chevron Black Pearl NLGI #2
Chevron NLGI #2
Chevron Ultra Duty EP
Shell GADUS V460D
Shell Retinax CMX2
Almagard #3751 Red
Almagard #1275 Tan
Petron MV EP Moly
Schaeffers - 274
Schaffers - 197
Tribol Molub 777-1