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Complete Grinding Mill (Kiln) Products & Services

Products & Consumables:

Lubrication - CSS is a authorized distributor of Petron Lubrication and other Chemicals. CSS can help you to choose the correct lubricant for each application. We offer both a synthetic and asphalt based products and will help spec the right product for your mill, kiln, shovel, or any other equipment.

Cleaning - Weather you want to do it yourself or have CSS fully service your mill or kiln gear set, CSS has the right products for you. Traxol, Cleansolv, and other specialty chemicals design to clean the gear set while its still running. Ask your CSS representative about this service or training to do it yourself.

Eddy Current Array - ASTM E2905 testing is getting more and more popular with PdM groups around the world. CSS is proud to be one of the first companies in the United States to offer this service. ECA can detect surface cracks without cleaning the gear set. Using a technology which has been used in aerospace for decades, ECA can scan a Ø30' gear set in an 8 hour day or less.
Combined with our cleaning service, a full ECA and visual inspection can be done in one day giving you the confidence to continue operations until the next inspection.
With ECA, maintenance personal can be notified immediately after a crack has been detect and can take the appropriate actions.

Gear Run-In - Any time a gear set is changed, a gear run in should be done. Running in of the gear creates a perfect mesh between the pinion and the bull gear. Decreasing the temperature differential across the pinion will increase the life of the entire gear set.

With our knowledge of gearing and lubrication, consulting CSS before you take on a major project like flipping a mill gear or replacing one is essential. If you can postpone or eliminate costs can be the difference in being in the red or the black. Our lubrication customers also get the benefit of CSS monitoring their gear set temperatures every 30 - 90 days. If you have one mill or 20 mills, can you afford to not have CSS on your side.