Servicing & Distributing Lubricants, Chemicals & Equipment:

~ Mining - Strip & Underground Industries
~ Cement, Sand & Gravel Industries
~ Power Generation, Oil & Gas Industries
~ Paper & Pulp Industries
~ Transportation Industries
~ Food Processing Industry
~ Other Industrial Industries

Pressure, Steam and Hydroblasting Services

  • Open Gear Cleaning Services
  • Pressure & Steam Cleaning Services
  • Low Pressure Foaming Cleaning Services
  • High Pressure Water Blasting & Demolition Services

Heavy Equipment, Truck, Shovel & Dragline Cleaning

Our long history of successful cleaning products and equipment, along with our revolutionary new technology degreaser/foamer, offer our mining and industrial customers a variety of chemical choices for cleaning and complete degreasing of mining shovels, haul trucks and related mobile and process equipment. No matter what your needs are, low odor, high flashpoint, low V.O.C., safe to ground, biodegradable, APE and NPE free, we have the product family available to fit any requirement.

For carbon and light oil based cleaning (coal, lube oils, exhaust, process areas, CSS provides water based, non-caustic specialty cleaning and degreasing chemicals. These products can be foam applied through high volume and high pressure foam systems that greatly reduce application time, chemical consumption, and ultimately downtime in the washbay.

Process & Maintenance

Heavy equipment cleaning, large washbay technologies, recycle water systems, wastewater treatment, boiler cooling, and process water treatment, mechanical maintenance of shop chemicals, metal preparation and electric motor cleaning are some of the areas we specialize and focus our products and services on. CSS's success has been to provide the ultimate in safety and performance, regardless of the toughest deposit and field conditions.

Using to much water and soap cleaning your equipment? 
Contact CSS technicians for solutions to water and soap usages, environmental concerns and cost reduction programs.